In an era where technology is a pivotal aspect of every organization, the Oklahoma Medical Research Foundation (OMRF) faced a unique set of technology leadership challenges. Since their IT Manager was elevated to the Chief Information Officer (CIO), OMRF needed a strategic approach to technology that would align with their business goals and objectives. This summary highlights how Fortium Partners played a crucial role in addressing these challenges and fostering growth at OMRF.

The promotion of the IT Manager to CIO at OMRF uncovered three critical issues:

  1. Translating Technology into Business Outcomes: The new CIO was tasked with the challenge of harnessing technology insights to drive tangible business results.

  2. Proactive vs. Reactive IT Operations: The technology department predominantly operated in a reactive mode rather than taking proactive initiatives.

  3. Limited Executive Collaboration: There was minimal involvement of the executive leadership team in collaborating with the technology team, creating a gap in understanding and strategy alignment.

These challenges required a comprehensive approach to redefine the technology landscape and leadership dynamics at OMRF. The new CIO hired Fortium Partners to provide Technology Leadership-as-a-Service®, a trusted advisor who could leverage best practices and provide a multifaceted strategy to transform OMRF's technology and leadership framework. Within a week, the Fortium Partner was able to:

  • Identify Baseline Delivery Gaps: Conducted extensive meetings across business leadership and IT staff to identify and align the IT department’s practices with the best in the industry.
  • Conduct Executive Interviews and Profiling: Completed in-depth interviews and exercises with OMRF executives to profile the CIO’s professional development needs.
  • Define a 12-Step Mentoring Process: Developed a robust 12-step mentoring process aimed at addressing IT delivery gaps and enhancing leadership capabilities.
  • Develop a Sustainable Leadership Curriculum: Provided a comprehensive curriculum designed to sustain and continue leadership development within the organization.

Fortium Partners fractional CIO  delivered a transformative journey that reshaped the framework of their technology operations and leadership development. This process was multi-dimensional and set a benchmark for how OMRF can standardize and scale various facets of technological and managerial growth now and in the future.

Fortium’s fractional CIO aligned OMRF's technology operations with the best practices in the industry, meticulously identifying the gaps in OMRF's IT delivery system and comparing them with the industry standards. This baseline assessment was not just a mere comparison; it was a strategic move to pinpoint areas where OMRF could enhance its IT operations. The result was a significant improvement in the efficiency and effectiveness of their IT department, which led to a more streamlined and proactive approach to their operations.

Developing the newly appointed CIO's leadership skills was another significant priority. The Fortium Partner assessed the CIO's professional capabilities and identified key areas for development. This targeted professional development was not limited to just enhancing the CIO's existing skill set but was also about equipping him with the ability to translate technology insights into tangible business outcomes. This aspect ensured that the CIO could bridge the gap between technical prowess and strategic business thinking while enhancing the overall impact of the IT department on OMRF's business goals.

Moreover, the 12-step mentoring process introduced by Fortium Partners was a game-changer in addressing the immediate technology delivery concerns while laying the foundation for long-term leadership growth. This process was customized to account for the specific needs and challenges faced by OMRF. Each step in this mentoring journey was designed to progressively enhance the leadership skills of the IT team and ensure that they could not only address current challenges but also be prepared for the future. This was instrumental in positioning technology leadership as a key contributor to organizational success.

Finally, the leadership curriculum provided by Fortium Partners was a testament to their commitment to sustainable growth at OMRF. This curriculum was not a one-time training module but a comprehensive framework designed for continuous professional development. It covered various aspects of technology leadership and skillsets, ensuring that the learning and development process would be ongoing. This will enable OMRF's leadership to continue growing and adapting while keeping pace with the ever-changing landscape of technology and business.

Fortium Partners’ initiative was a holistic approach that enabled OMRF to: 

  • Create a sustainable model of growth and development, 
  • Align technology operations with best practices, 
  • Foster targeted professional development, 
  • Bridge gaps between IT and leadership, and
  • Ensure continuous enhancement of leadership skills. 

This multifaceted approach not only quickly solved immediate challenges but also set OMRF on a path of long-term success and innovation.

OMRF’s and Fortium Partners’ collaboration illustrates the critical importance of aligning technology with strategic leadership in the modern enterprise. This successful initiative highlights how targeted technology leadership development can transform the role of IT from a support function to a strategic business driver. As OMRF continues on its path of innovation and excellence in medical research, the foundation laid by Fortium Partners ensures that its technological and leadership capabilities remain robust and future-ready.


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