The following synopsis highlights how LHM Physical Therapy Institute leveraged Fortium Partners' expertise (a fractional CIO) to establish and grow its technological infrastructure to enable rapid expansion and operational efficiency. It highlights the organization's challenges, solutions implemented, and successful outcomes, including the innovative use of cloud technologies and a strategic approach to IT leadership.

Client Profile:

  • New startup Physical Therapy and hospital organization poised for rapid growth in central Pennsylvania

  • HQ: Harrisburg, PA

  • 10-75 Employees in the first 12 months

  • Eastern US clients

  • Industry: Healthcare (Physical Therapy & Hospice) 

  • Funding: Private investors

The Genesis of Transformation

LHM Physical Therapy Institute stood at the intersection of immense potential and expansion. With a vision to launch multiple clinics and extend its services to in-home hospice care, the need for a robust technological infrastructure was evident. The challenge was formidable: establish and scale a technology framework that supports rapid growth without compromising on quality or vision.

The Strategic Approach

The intervention of a fractional Fortium CIO brought a paradigm shift. The solution was multifaceted, focusing on:

  • Leadership Integration: Embed a Fractional CIO to navigate the technology landscape and integrate with the organization’s ethos while recruiting an on-premises Technology Leader (beyond IT) for day-to-day operations

  • Strategic Planning: Establish a high-level technology plan focused on affordability and cloud solutions. Craft a technology roadmap that emphasized affordability, efficiency, and scalability, leveraging cloud solutions to fit the startup's budget and overall strategic vision & plan.

  • Operational Excellence: Conduct vendor searches to vet or qualify technology solutions. Streamline vendor selection, evaluate suitable technologies, and implement a secure, robust infrastructure.

  • Cybersecurity Awareness: Create a cybersecurity core competence within the firm, including staff awareness; build a culture of security mindfulness among staff, enhancing the organization’s resilience against cyber threats.

  • Autonomous Growth: Create a self-sufficient, functioning, technology-driven organization that empowers the organization to thrive independently.

The Culmination of Efforts

The outcomes were transformative. Through strategic foresight and adept management, the organization not only met its ambitious targets but did so with a model that emphasized cost efficiency and operational excellence. The seamless integration of the fractional CIO into the leadership team further underscored the sustainable nature of this transformation.


Fortium’s fractional CIO quickly became an effective technology leader, implementing the technology strategy crafted in collaboration with the organization's senior leadership by

  • managing finances, 

  • identifying areas for cost savings, and 

  • enhancing revenue growth. 

A notable strategy was the innovative use of the already licensed Microsoft Teams as the organization's primary cloud-based phone system. Leveraging Fortium Partner's extensive background in healthcare and technology, all the planned clinics were set up without any technological setbacks to ensure the organization stayed on track with its objectives. The Fortium Partner played a pivotal role in mentoring to prepare the prospective CIO who was seamlessly integrated into the leadership team.

A Testament to Visionary Leadership

Jay McKim, Chief Financial Officer & Treasurer of LHM Physical Therapy Institute, encapsulates this partnership's essence: “The Fractional CIO’s leadership and guidance... provided immediate value with an eye toward the future.” This partnership exemplifies how strategic technology leadership can accelerate growth, proving indispensable for startups aiming to make a mark in the healthcare industry.

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