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How PE firms can leverage technology leadership to increase portfolio worth and extract the most value

Technology is playing a bigger role in PE-owned firms. By leveraging the expertise of industry expert CIOs, CTOs, and CISOs, Fortium Partners enable PE firms of all sizes to:


  • Align with and achieve their firm's investment thesis and 

  • Increase the value of each portfolio company by leveraging technologies to become more agile and responsive to market changes.

How Technology Leadership Adds Value Throughout the PE Life Cycle

Get infrastructure right

Excel in due diligence assessments

Ensure all technologies are leveraged within the required timeframe

Respond to urgent events in the midst of commitments



Greenfield project


Address technical debt
Value Creation

Scale for Growth

Revenue generation

Standardize/Optimize technology

IT/IP alignment

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Maximize investment returns

IT readiness scan

Mitigate IT/IP risks

PE Firms need timely insights and compelling strategies to use technologies to extract value at the firm level and at the portfolio level.

A Trusted Advisor can identify where technologies are headed and how you can create and extract value in the future.



Firm-Level Value

Fortium believes the best approach to leveraging technology is through the Technology Operating Partner.

A Technology Operating Partner is an individual with deep expertise and experience in the role of a CIO, CTO, and CISO. They typically work closely with private equity firms to assess, execute, and manage technology investments within their portfolio companies and investment targets.

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Portfolio-Level Value

Fortium can help you, or your Technology Operating Partner, coordinate Technology Leadership across the portfolio in an efficient and effective manner.

The primary role of a Technology Leader is to provide strategic guidance and operational support to portfolio companies. Fortium Partners bring their specialized knowledge and industry insights to help the private equity firm make informed investment decisions and drive value creation within the portfolio.


Partnering with a Technology Operating Partner who serves both your firm and portfolio is the ultimate solution to harnessing the full potential of technology. 

Fortium offers a unique blend of firm and portfolio-level expertise, maximizing efficiency and impact in a single engagement.

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Fortium Solutions. No Matter the Size.

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A Sampling of Strategy-Based Outcomes




Equity Carve Out

Designed a successful target operating model in 6 months that met the objectives, financials, and timelines of both the P/E and portfolio firms


Rapid Growth

Established a high-level architecture, stabilized internal resources, and developed an ERP strategy



Greenfield Project

Identified and rectified underinvestment risks and supported a new brownfield strategy by updating the international facility within US guidelines in preparation for the US build


Our Success Stories

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Interim CIO Services for an Equity Carve-Out

Global P/E Firm acquires a military subcontractor who builds and maintains engines for the US and Canadian governments

Fortium brought a military background with knowledge of sell-side transactions and regulatory requirements. They designed and implemented a new stand alone infrastructure within the 6 month target date.

Door of a new contemporary office building

Fractional CIO Services for a Greenfield Project

P/E firm acquires an international Biotech firm expanding into the US

Fortium Provided extensive leadership experience in the Life Sciences industry with knowledge of GMP compliance.

Working people at  production line in modern factory

Interim CIO & CISO Services for a Rapid Growth Opportunity

P/E firm acquires a large compressor manufacturer poised for rapid growth in the hydrogen economy

Fortium was hired to establish a high-level architecture and identify IT solutions that may be insufficient for growth.