Leadership for Private Equity

Acquisition Risk Avoidance & Value Acceleration

What You Don’t Know Can Cost You

Unplanned, unexpected technology situations increase investment costs and can delay value creation significantly. What if you could avoid big surprises in technology? What if you had a direction aligned with and enabling your strategy, a roadmap for business technology to accelerate value creation? What if your plan and roadmap was prepared by world-class technology executives, and not just generalist consultants?

We asked Fortium Partners to perform IT due diligence for the acquisition of a carve-out and we gained greater insight, learned how to reduce risk and saw how to leverage technology to enable business transformation.
— James D. Wiggins, Operating Partner, Kohlberg & Company

Enter Fortium Partners

Fortium Partners is a team of executives who have served in C-suites of the most respected companies in the world, each bringing more than 25 years of hands-on operational experience. We offer diverse M&A experiences and have worked with many private equity firms, including the largest, to optimize the deal strategy – whether to remediate, integrate, or transform and grow. Our partners have deep experience with technology due diligence, diagnostic assessments and aligning roadmaps to business strategy objectives. Our technology leaders do all the work, without lower-level resources that consultants use. No matter what situation may arise in the acquisition or technology environment, we are confident that we have seen it and dealt with it.

Acquisition Strategy Enabled by Technology Leaders

Every viable business relies on technology to boost growth and serve customers these days, so leaving technology without a key role in your deal strategy puts the company at great risk of falling behind or being disrupted, regardless of industry.

Technology due diligence helps identify risks and needed investments to optimize business opportunities for growth and productivity. Without due diligence, surprises can arise post-acquisition that disrupt the expected deal value or its timing. Even the largest private equity firms have felt the consequences, concluding that early assessment of technology is a prudent step. When due diligence of technology is not done sufficiently or in a timely manner, risks and surprises with costs and delays may result, hindering the deal’s time-to-value.

A thorough technology diagnostic demonstrates a full understanding of organizational talent, applications, budgets, infrastructure, network and technologies, establishing a powerful foundation for strategic roadmap initiatives that reward the highest value on a realistic timeline. Business needs matched with leading solution capabilities can deliver synergies between the overall strategy and the technology drivers to fuel it, enabling future evolution.

A Failsafe Plan for Your Business

No other firm offers what we have:

  • Partners with “big company” technology leadership experience of 25 years or more
  • Partners with brand name experience relevant to your industry
  • Proven approaches for technology due diligence risk avoidance, diagnostic assessment enabling roadmap value acceleration, and enterprise solution selection buy-in
  • Industry leaders bringing future trends and vision to guide your strategy roadmap
  • Immediate availability of technology executive leaders, individually or as a team, to tackle any major technology issue, rescue, turnaround or executive need that may arise
  • Change leaders to guide transformation through user resistance, to buy-in and adoption