In the fast-paced world of finance, businesses must adapt swiftly to keep up with unexpected demands. For a virtual and cloud-based financial services firm at risk of missing a forecasted 25% annual growth, this posed significant technological challenges. In this case study summary, we explore how the firm overcame these hurdles by developing and executing a comprehensive technology strategy with the help of a Fortium Partner.


A leading financial services firm was at a critical point in its development. With its goal to add six to eight Area Presidents and 25 CFOs annually, its existing technology infrastructure was already at capacity with the following challenges:

  • Data Sprawl and Re-entry: Utilizing 20-25 cloud applications and four application suites led to significant data re-entry and data sprawl (the firm could no longer easily track what data it had or how data was being used).
  • Inadequate Security Measures: The current Managed Security Service Provider (MSSP) was unable to keep pace with the growth, causing potential cybersecurity risks.

These challenges required a robust IT strategy, governance, and a new approach to security and service delivery.


A Fortium Partner was brought on board to conduct an in-depth assessment and subsequently hired as a Fractional CIO. Their approach was comprehensive and included a:

  • Technology Assessment: An extensive review of the firm's technology and MSSP set the stage.
  • Three-Year Strategic Roadmap: A comprehensive plan was developed to govern the technology's alignment with growth.
  • Risk Mitigation Plan: Proactive measures and actions to mitigate technological and cybersecurity risks.
  • Gap Analysis: Recognizing areas where the existing MSSP fell short to allow for strategic improvements.
  • Standardized Training: Assist with employee training to ensure consistency and industry-specific expertise.


Once the technology assessment was completed, the Fortium Partner began to work closely with the CEO and the executive team to align the technology strategies with the firm's business goals. This collaboration included developing, delivering, and adapting a three-year strategic technology roadmap.

Moreover, a new MSSP was chosen to enable the scalability and agility required to support the organization's growth. Outsourcing IT functionality with fractional technology leadership positioned the firm for success.

This illustrates the power of strategic planning and expert collaboration in overcoming complex technological challenges. Through careful assessments, a well-crafted roadmap, and meticulous execution, the firm was able to align its technological capabilities with its ambitious growth trajectory.

With the right partners and strategies, the firm was not only able to meet its growth targets but also position itself for future success. It's a compelling testament to the value of expert technological leadership-as-a-service and adaptability in today's dynamic financial landscape.

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