As technology accelerates in every aspect of business, CEOs must prioritize IT capabilities and seek the expertise of technology leaders who can be timely enablers to help achieve their business objectives.

GlobalHealth™, a leading healthcare maintenance provider based in Oklahoma City, recently faced significant challenges in its IT department that were hindering its business growth. With a lack of IT leadership, high turnover, and interdepartmental silos, GlobalHealth struggled to adapt to changing market conditions and improve operational efficiency. These situations prompted them to seek a solution.

That's where Fortium's LaaS (Leadership-as-a-Service) model came in. Working together with GlobalHealth, a fractional CIO:

  • Implemented a strategic IT leadership transition process, 
  • Conducted thorough triage meetings to identify delivery gaps, and 
  • Held in-depth workshops with executives to identify permanent CIO needs. 

Additionally, the IT structure was streamlined for greater efficiency and effectiveness with new help desk processes to enhance the customer journey.

One of the most significant contributions was helping GlobalHealth develop an IT governance process with executive engagement. This allowed the company to align its IT operations with its overall business growth objectives and resulted in increased visibility, reputation, and results for the IT team. The fractional CIO also played a crucial role in merging all IT staff into a cohesive team, ensuring operational stability and optimal utilization of IT resources.

The outcomes of this partnership have been remarkable. Thanks to Fortium's expertise and guidance, GlobalHealth has

  • improved its IT capabilities,
  • streamlined its operations, and
  • positioned itself for future growth.

According to the company's executive director, "Fortium Partners did an excellent job analyzing the organization and positioning us to take the next steps. Fortium's fractional CIO had deep management and technical expertise and access to the broad network of fellow Fortium Partners. I would recommend Fortium."

This serves as a compelling example of how the right IT strategy and leadership can overcome obstacles, adapt to changing market conditions, and achieve long-term success. 

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