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For technology leaders with decades of experience and the desire to do what we do, there's no better place to do it than Fortium. Collaborate with your fellow Partners - over 100 world-class CIOs, CTOs, and CISOs. Enjoy the highest brand recognition and market presence of any firm in our industry. Benefit from a business model laser-focused on monetizing your experience.

Why Fortium Partners
is different

We built Fortium for world-class technology leaders to monetize decades of experience outside of the constraints of the typical employment model. We're a Partnership so that a large group of senior executives can function as equals and enjoy a collegial culture where Partners help one another. And we go to market as one firm, not a collection of individuals.

Together, we are passionate about helping as many organizations as we can to get the technology leadership they need and help them succeed. We accomplish that through our technology leadership-as-a-service model.

And we're just bold enough to think we can change how technology leadership is done.


Bona fide limited partners and equity owners of the firm

Technology leaders with 20+ years of experience, most recently in a senior operating CIO, CTO, or CISO role

Empowered to choose when, where, and how much they work; with their non-client time spent collaborating with other partners, networking, speaking, writing, or just enjoying life


Employees of the firm or contractors/loosely-affiliated LLCs competing with Fortium

Technology professionals and consultants who have yet to attain the position of CIO, CTO, CISO in their careers

Looking for a paycheck, a crazy work-life balance, or being told what to do

Three keys to a Partner's success



Our partners have 20+ years of experience working toward and fulfilling the role of a CIO, CTO, or CISO in multiple companies.



Our Partners are the firm's brand ambassadors in the market. An active, growing professional network puts you, and the firm, in the right place at the right time.

Financial Independence

Financial Independence

Each partner is an equity owner in the firm and enjoys a generous share of revenue for the work they do for clients as well as incentives for referring work to their Partners. But there is no base pay while not engaged.



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