Fortium Partners is headquartered in Dallas, Texas with operations across the United States. Serving clients locally, nationally, and internationally, Fortium's Partners represent the world’s largest and most experienced team of operating technology executives collectively serving public, private, and private-equity owned organizations across all industries. Our clients engage world-class executives in technology leadership roles (CIO, CTO, and CISO) via innovative and compelling arrangements such as Interim, Fractional/Part-Time, Virtual, and Situational Leadership… an approach we’ve named Technology Leadership-as-a-Service (TLaaS). Fortium’s Partners have 20 or more years of technology experience, most recently in a senior operating leadership role.

Clients may engage a Fortium Partner with a deep background in one particular industry, or a broader career spanning a number of different verticals. Partners can be deployed on one or more engagements simultaneously, and may serve in Operational Leadership roles including:

  • Virtual - one to four hours per week with an open-ended timeframe in an advisory capacity

  • Fractional - 20-80% of full-time in an accountable role with an open-ended timeframe

  • Interim - full-time, short-term accountable role usually lasting 6-9 months

  • Retained - full-time, long-term role, possibly as a W-2 employee of the client, while remaining a Partner with Fortium

A Partner may also be engaged outside of an operational role in Situational Leadership to provide:

  • Opinion (technology assessment or due diligence for mergers and acquisitions)

  • Outcome (post-acquisition remediation, program or initiative turnaround, technology selection, etc.)

A Partner may be deployed as a single resource, or can be a member of a large multi-discipline team of Partners.  Partners enjoying travel can be deployed outside their local area, but Partners may opt out of such deployment.

Fortium Partners are “full-time” with much of their non-working time spent engaging collaboratively with other Partners to build the firm’s brand in the local market and online through networking, speaking, writing, and more. Partners are not employees, contractors, or loosely-affiliated LLCs… they are bona fide Limited Partners and equity-owners of the firm.

A Partner’s success in Fortium’s model is related to 3 components:

Experience - Our Partners are individuals who have spent the majority of 20 or more years working toward and ultimately fulfilling the role of the senior technology executive holding the title of CIO, CTO, or CISO multiple times in multiple companies. Those who have significant technology leadership or consulting experience but have yet to hold such a title would be at a disadvantage as our clients approach us specifically for that operational experience.

Network - Our Partners are critical to our Marketing strategy as brand ambassadors in the market. Those individuals who already have an active professional network and are committed to growing their network through active brand awareness and building referral relationships will be most successful.  

Financial - Each Partner is an equity-owner in the Firm and enjoys a generous share of the revenue for the work they do for clients. Partners have the flexibility to choose when, where, and how much they work and, as such, are non-salaried. While the financial rewards of the Fortium model can be significant, candidates should have sufficient financial reserves to engage in the model and withstand gaps in regular income.

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