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Fortium clients have immediate access to a
vetted technology leader selected from over 100 partners.
But your Fortium partner never stands alone.
They are supported by every other partner in the firm.
That's the Fortium advantage.

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Executive Search Found

Leadership is the single most important part of managing technology. When a technology leader role goes unfilled or you can't attract or afford the talent you need, the impact is profound.

Fortium provides technology leadership without the search. You get immediate access to the CIO, CISO, or CTO you need, as much as you need, for as long as you need - and no more.

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We are
  • Senior technology leaders available on demand, as a service
  • Onsite or virtual
  • Part-time to full-time, interim or longer term
We are not
  • Inexperienced tech staff looking for gigs
  • A staffing agency
  • An executive search firm



Meet the largest group of operating technology leaders in the world.

“During my thirty years with Bristol-Myers Squibb, the role of an IT executive and CIO continuously evolved"

Kathy Natriello


“I thrive on going into a company and solving problems, effecting turnarounds -- and that’s what Fortium gives me the opportunity to do.”

James Simmons


“Reaching consumers and converting them to buyers calls for a sound technology strategy."

Eric Tam


“CIOs must focus on re-positioning IT as a valued, strategic partner to the business units."

Kevin Barnes


Our partners have delivered bold leadership to the C-suites of the most respected and recognized companies in the world.


We boldly step in to get the work done. We know what to do. We don't make it complicated. And we say what needs to be said. Ready to join us?

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