Meet Cameron, a seasoned leader with a rich tapestry of experiences spanning from being the CEO of Tecodo to holding pivotal roles in esteemed organizations such as Capital Novus, Urban Land Institute, LaFarge Group, and Osram Sylvania.

Cameron's forte lies in spearheading global business transformations across diverse sectors, including automotive, technology, and aerospace. His ability to craft high-ROI technology strategies is commendable. Notably, he has overseen large-scale ERP system implementations, led business priority shifts from consulting to software, and has even been credited with a patent in machine learning.

His academic foundation is grounded in an Electrical Engineering degree from the University of Houston and an MBA from Boston University. Today, as a Partner in Fortium Partners' East region, Cameron continues to guide organizations to excel in this digitally-driven landscape.

Q: Why did you join Fortium?

A: I joined Fortium primarily because of the incredible caliber of people here. Fortium has a remarkable array of technology executives and leaders who have led transformative projects at Fortune 500 companies. Working alongside such esteemed colleagues is an honor as we strive to deliver Technology Leadership as a Service ®.

Q: You've worked across a range of industries. Can you share more about your expertise in these areas?

A: Certainly. I've had the privilege of working in diverse industries, from government to healthcare and education. But manufacturing holds a special place for me. I've extensively delved into its various segments, and my expertise mainly circles around supply chain management. Whether it's automotive, aerospace, electronics, or consumer goods manufacturing, I've gathered deep insights into their unique supply chain challenges. My collaborative efforts in redesigning supply chain workflows have only refined my ability to provide customized solutions.

Q: What do you find most rewarding about being a technology leader?

A: The most fulfilling aspect is the opportunity to be a strategic force on an agile leadership team. It's exhilarating to translate business objectives into tangible technology solutions. I've always aimed to be more than just a 'technologist.' The true reward is evolving into a trusted advisor who can spearhead technology initiatives that support and drive business strategies.

Q: Outside of work, you seem to have some fascinating hobbies. Can you tell us more about your passion for motorcycles?

A: Absolutely! There's nothing quite like the thrill of cruising on my motorcycle. I've traveled through 36 states, each with its unique allure. It's never been about the destination for me, but the journey itself. My goal is to ride through all 50 states, and each trip is a treasured memory. Besides riding, I also love traveling to exotic places with my family and capturing memorable moments with my camera.

Q: Is there a fun or quirky fact about you that you'd like to share?

A: Well, it's funny because people often find it surprising – I have a profound phobia of doctor's visits! Needles and injections are my Achilles' heel, which always entertains the medical professionals I meet.

Q: It's been insightful getting to know more about you professionally and personally. Any closing remarks?

A: I'm truly grateful to be a part of the Fortium family. I'm excited about the journey ahead and the milestones we'll achieve together.

To learn more about Cameron Laghaeian and his CIO expertise, read more from his bio here.


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