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TLaaS: The CTO Role
TLaaS: The CIO Role
TLaaS: The CISO role
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*NEW* Interim CIO Case Study

Franciscan Ministries Case Study

Maximizing Returns: How AI-Driven Business...
Fractional CTO Case Study
*NEW* Interim CIO Case Study
LHM Physical Therapy Institute

Interim CIO for PE firm

Interim CIO
Interim CIO/CTO
Fractional CIO Case Study

Advisory CIO Case Study

Interim CIO Case Study

GlobalHealth Case Study
*NEW* The CEO's Guide to Hiring a CISO
The CEO's Guide to Hiring a CTO

The CEOs Guide to Hiring a CIO

The 14 Most Pressing Challenges that a CTO Solves

Organizational Situations Driving the Need for a CTO

Executive Search vs. Leadership-as-a-Service: What‘s the Difference?

4 Signs you Need a CIO
Three Ways Fortium Serves PE Firms
23 Factors that Help Determine If and When you Need a CIO
Technology Leadership-as-a-Service Engagement Model
Drivers for CIO Change
Access Versus Ownership
CIO Key Responsibilities



Transforming Leadership and Technology: Success Story with Oklahoma Medical Research Foundation (OMRF)

AI-Driven Cybersecurity: Transforming the Role of CISOs Leveraging Generative AI
3 Reasons Your SaaS Company May Not Have a CTO
3 Ways Fortium Servies PE Firms
Leveraging Technology Leadership to Increase PE Portfolio Value
How to Leverage AI to Streamline Business Processes
Fortium Partner's Intro Video
CIO vs IT Director: What's the Difference?
A CEO's Guide to AI
4 Signs a CEO Should Hire a CIO
Six Questions to Ask Before Hiring an Interim Technology Leader
Why Hire an Interim or Fractional Technology Leader?
Executive Search vs. LaaS: What's the Difference?
How Technology Leadership Can Impact Business: CIOs, CTOs, and CISOs
The CEO's Guide to Hiring a CTO
How to Overcome IT Challenges in a Rapidly Growing Financial Services Firm
The CEO's Guide to Hiring a CIO
3 Ways Fractional Technology Leadership Transformed GlobalHealth's Scalability
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