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Tony Parrillo is a partner in the Mid-Atlantic practice of Fortium Partners. He brings 30 years of technology leadership experience with a strong background in U.S. defense and counter-terrorism, as well as 20 years of military service as an officer and aviator. Prior to joining Fortium, Parrillo spent about 10 years managing a consulting practice focused on national security, interagency and international information sharing, where he implemented federal IT security compliance programs for the Department of Defense and several other federal agencies, including the Navy, the U.S. Department of Agriculture and the General Services Administration. Parrillo enjoyed a fruitful military career as a cybersecurity expert. He directly reported to the Department of Agriculture CIO for emerging technologies related to wireless, broadband, public safety and rural mesh networks. He was also handpicked to support the Secretary of the Navy for IT, cyberspace capabilities and maritime domain awareness initiatives. He has been at the forefront of numerous emerging concepts and capabilities and was awarded the 2007 U.S. Navy Copernicus Award for sustained superior performance in Naval IT innovation and experimentation. In addition, Parrillo’s expertise has been crucial to developing cybersecurity and risk management programs within the General Services Administration, the Office of the Undersecretary of Defense and Intelligence, the Office of the Deputy Undersecretary of the Navy and FORCEnet Execution Center. Parrillo holds an MBA from George Mason University and a bachelor of science in materials engineering from Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute.