World-class CIO with deep experience delivering immediate measurable improvement for large entities and growth companies through interim roles

Senior Partner


Leadership Roles

  • CIO, Global Tire Manufacturer
  • CIO, Medical Device Manufacturer & Distributor
  • CIO, Healthcare Product Manufacturer
  • CIO, Real Estate Firm
  • CIO, Laminate Plastic Product Manufacturer & Distributor
  • CIO, Lighting Distributor
  • CIO Partner, Global Staffing Firm

Steven Roghair is a partner based the Greater Los Angeles practice area. Roghair brings nearly three decades of technology leadership experience based on producing efficient and elegant technology solutions. He has driven technology turnarounds, rescues and optimizations across a variety of industries, notably manufacturing, medical devices, real estate and e-commerce. Often serving as an interim CIO, he provides a steadying presence and a history of producing reliable business IT function.  

Roghair holds an MBA from the UC-Irvine Graduate School of Management and a B.S. from the University of Southern California.