Senior Global Business Executive, CIO and Technology Strategist



Leadership Roles

  • CIO, Hyundai Capital America
  • CIO, State Compensation Insurance Fund
  • VP & CIO, Toyota Financial Services
  • VP & CTO, GE Capital Real Estate
  • VP, GE Capital Global Consumer Finance
  • VP, GE Capital Retailer Financial Services
  • VP, Chase Manhattan Bank

Shaun Coyne is a Fortium Partner based in Los Angeles with expertise in financial services and global business strategy. His extensive international experience enables him to successfully identify and adapt to cultural considerations anywhere in the world. As a senior technology executive, Shaun strives to make Information Technology a strategic business partner and key decision-making participant. He is skilled at transforming complex legacy systems through a phased implementation that delivers business benefits at every phase. He is also a highly effective team leader, with the ability to attract and retain talented team members who build lasting relationships with customers and other stakeholders.

Shaun Coyne holds a Bachelor of Science degree from Manhattan College in Computer Information Systems and Marketing. He is Six Sigma Black Belt Certified, GE Executive Management. He is also Toyota Production System certified, Kaizen trained, and has received management awards from Citicorp, GE and Toyota.