Senior Technology Strategist and Transformation Leader

Senior PartnerCIO


Leadership Roles

  • Chief Information Officer – Viad Corp.
  • Global Business Applications Executive – GE Healthcare
  • Global Business Intelligence Executive – GE Healthcare
  • Chief Information Officer – GE Reinsurance
  • Chief Technology Officer – GE Financial Assurance - Partnership Marketing Group

Rick is a Partner in Fortium Partners’Midwest region, where he primarily serves healthcare, hospitality, nonprofit and manufacturing clients.  His technical prowess is accompanied by a thoughtful perspective on complex business issues.  With executive IT leadership experience at a public company, he understands the importance of information security, compliance and governance.  While leading large global technology teams with significant annual budgets, he has leveraged agile and lean methodologies to improve systems performance and availability.  

As a CIO, Rick implemented numerous global including enterprise resource planning (ERP), Enterprise Performance Management (EPM), Customer RelationshipManagement (CRM) and Business Intelligence (BI) platforms with notable success.  He transformed the business applications landscape by retiring hundreds of individual on-premise applications and consolidating operations on strategic platforms.  Rick pursued an aggressive cloud migration strategy that had impacted productivity, collaboration and financial analysis.  He also developed and executed a multi-year data warehouse strategy that provided a common view of the business.  To accelerate productivity improvements, he introduced business intelligence, analytics, and workforce management solutions that delivered a positive ROI.


Rick skillfully guides diverse global teams from project plan to execution while staying focused on digital transformation strategy.  His relentless focus on continuous process improvement resulted in valuable outcomes such as enhanced financial visibility, personalized target marketing and cross-selling insights.  In addition, he has solid experience handling the IT elements of M&A integration.