SaaS virtuoso with decades of hands-on technology leadership experience building and modernizing systems architectures

Senior PartnerCTO


Leadership Roles

  • Chief Technology Officer - YourCause
  • Chief Technology Officer - Orange Leap
  • Chief Technology Officer - Dragon Media Online
  • Chief Technology Officer and Chief Security Officer - J2 Global Communications
  • Chief Technology Officer - TimeShift
  • Vice President, Product Development - Corprasoft

Leo D'Angelo joined Fortium Partners with deep expertise developing and deliveringSaaS solutions. He has been a driving force behind software development that hastransformed systems architecture across the technology, financial services, telecommunications, and non­ profit sectors. Leo has led teams through complex projects involving private data centers, hosting providers, AWS, Kubernetes, and Docker. His extensive portfolio includes the successful development of bothgreenfield SaaS applications and the seamless transformation of existing products to the cloud. His forte is rescuing troubled IT systems and shepherding technologydepartments through M&A transactions, which reflects his having been an executive team member for several acquired and acquiring organizations. Leobrings a hands­ on approach and deep technical acumen to each challenge as heleads by example with a proactive attitude.

As a CTO for high growth enterprises, Leo has been involved in numerous M&A transactions. Across his successful career. he has held diverse leadership roles and guided technology teams on challenging projects. He has developed an exceptional proficiency in delivering SaaS solutions matched by versatility in adapting to various technological frameworks. Acting as a Chief Security Officer, he has addressed network application and infrastructure design to provide secure integration with creditcard processing, billing, and customer service support systems.

Fortium Engagement:

  • Chief Technology Officer (long term) - National Payment Network