SaaS virtuoso with decades of hands-on technology leadership experience building and modernizing systems architectures

Senior Partner


Leadership Roles

Leo D’Angelo is a Partner in the South Central Region.  A ‘SaaS virtuoso,’ Leo brings 25 years of hands-on technology leadership—a driving force behind software development that has transformed systems architecture in the technology, finance, and non-profit sectors.  He has developed greenfield SaaS applications as well as transformed existing products to the cloud.

Prior to joining Fortium Partners, Leo served for 10 years as the CTO of Orange Leap (acquired by YourCause, LLC), an ERP software provider that helps nonprofits manage donors. Before Orange Leap, he was CTO at j2 Global Communications, the premier provider of unified communications services for small and medium-sized businesses.

Early in his career, D’Angelo authored the first implementation of an innovative digital buyside-to-sellside communications platform for Fidelity Investments, which became the industry standard and remains so to this day.