Globally recognized e-crime risk management authority for both physical security and cybersecurity

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Leadership Roles

Joel Rakow is a partner in the Los Angeles practice of Fortium Partners. He brings more than 25 years of technology leadership experience in the area of e-crime risk management, which encompasses all elements of both physical security and cybersecurity. Rakow is globally recognized in the field of technology security, having served as an advisor to the Secret Service and Los Angeles Electronic Crimes Task Force and a representative member of the FBI Infragard, Adobe Software’s Advisory Council, and the Receivers Team for the State Courts of California. Prior to joining Fortium, Rakow served as president of Ollivier Corporations, a network engineering company focused on integration across departmental lines in pursuit of physical and cybersecurity. Before that he founded the e-crimes and risk management practice at Tatum, an executive services firm. Rakow has led more than 300 enterprise deployments of physical security systems in addition to more than 30 other enterprise deployments. He has won numerous industry awards including Microsoft Partner of the Year, PC World Best Product of the Year (three consecutive years) and Great Plains Implementation of the Year. Rakow holds an Ed.D. from Boston University in the area of business and education and served as a post-doctoral fellow at Harvard Business School.