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Donald Naglich is a Partner in Fortium Partners’ Midwest Region with a wealth of experience in healthcare information and data security. Donald is a visionary thinker and skilled negotiator dedicated to using technology to make people’s lives better. He puts existing resources together in ways no one has thought of before to accomplish achievements no one thought possible. As a technology team leader, he operates by the adage “you win or you learn” and creates team cultures in which members are self-motivated to continuously improve. In the healthcare profession, Donald’s passion is using technology to improve patient care and produce better patient outcomes.

Because medical data can be more valuable than credit card data, security is of critical importance. Working with a continuing-care retirement community operator, Franciscan Ministries, Donald found foreign-manufactured patient monitoring devices in use that were sending data back to their countries of origin. To solve the problem, he directed his team to isolate all such devices onto a separate network accessible only through secured access points. He and his team also developed an ingenious mobile computing solution that streamed screen shots rather than data to create a completely secure mobile medical information system. He not only secured the Franciscans’ technology operations, he cut costs by more than $1M.

For the University HealthSystem Consortium, Donald took a patient outcomes data analysis system that could only produce results after 40 – 45 hours of data processing and found a way to cut the time down to a half-hour, substantially increasing the level of care provided to patients in 160 academic medical centers and 300 ancillary organizations. He also reduced capital and operating expenses by $1M and raised system uptime to 99.99%.

For the Neurologic & Orthopedic Institute of Chicago, Donald transformed their IS department into a profit center and saved over $100K annually in telecommunications costs, $200K in license and purchasing costs, more than $50K in hospital support costs and over $100K in hardware purchases through technology optimization and successful contract negotiations.

Donald Naglich holds a Bachelor of Science degree in Management, magna cum laude, from Calumet College. He is the recipient of an Innovator of the Year Commendation from McKnight’s Excellence in Technology Awards, an Honors Laureate for Innovation in IT from Computer World, a Best of IT Communication Campaign Award from McMurry Communications and a Cisco Award for Innovative Use of Technology.