Driving Growth and Profitability Through Digital Transformation.



Leadership Roles

  • Chief Information Officer (Consulting Interim) – Richmond National Insurance
  • Chief Information Officer – Elephant Insurance Services
  • Chief Information Officer – Fenris Digital
  • Chief Information Officer – Williams Mullen
  • Chief Operating Officer – Geoff McDonald and Associates
  • Chief Information Officer – Chesapeake Capital Corporation
  • Chief Executive Officer – Gamble Hill Systems (VMS spinoff)
  • Chief Information Officer – VMS

Dana joined Fortium Partners with a history of transformational technology leadership in private firms and public companies.  Her strong ability to translate corporate strategy into delivery of operational excellence has been demonstrated in B2B and B2C settings.  She has valuable experience in emerging technologies, machine learning, robotic process automation, and software development.  On multiple occasions, Dana has built an IT organization from scratch and propelled success of a start-up.  A seasoned business executive and veteran of the U.S. Army, she maintains a laser focus on revenue growth and cost management. Dana has cultivated fruitful relationships with key vendors around the globe.

As a CIO, Dana contributed her business acumen and technology experience to insurance companies, law firms, and financial services companies.  She is committed to process improvement and innovation as a means propel revenue growth.  On numerous occasions, she has transformed low-value offerings and created an IT culture of service.  Dana has also redesigned IT departments, introduced BI dashboards, re-architected legacy systems, and managed cloud migration projects.  Recognized for her ability to work at all levels of the organization from help desk to board chairman, Dana is known as a savvy communicator and careful listener.  As a leader, she embraces organizational change and recruits a nimble professional team. 

Dana graduated with a Bachelor of Science in Business and Industrial Labor Relations from Cornell University.  She continued her education at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology where she earned a Master of Science in Public Policy and at The New School for Social Research, where she earned a Master of Arts in Digital Technology.  A veteran of the US Army, Dana served as an Assistant Professor at the US Military Academy at West Point.  Her volunteer commitments have included serving on a non-profit board that provides crucial resources for promising students of limited means to pursue elite colleges and ambitious business careers, and another working in the public interest on nursing certifications for excellence in patient care before, during, and after medical operations.  Outside of the office, Dana enjoys fencing, skeet shooting, and swing dancing.