Senior PartnerCIO

Brad Jensen

Leadership Roles

Brad Jensen brings 34 years of airline experience. He spent five years with US Airways where he successfully transformed IT from a siloed structure to a matrix of vertical and horizontal teams to improve efficiency, quality and system stability. Under Brad's leadership, US Airways developed an industry-leading ancillary revenue platform including its "Choice Seats" capability, and integrated the product into the Sabre Global Distribution System (GDS) where travel agency airline reservations are made.  He improved the company's website performance to the top tier among major carriers.  He instituted improvements in US Airways' cyber-security, and re-engineered the company's AVR platform for call center automation, introducing the most advanced voice processing in the industry.

Prior to US Airways, Mr. Jensen spent nearly thirteen years at GDS giant Sabre Holdings, where he served as SVP Airline Solutions and SVP Air Services.  During his time at Sabre, Brad oversaw professionals responsible for development of numerous software solutions used by airlines; as well as products used by all Sabre business units involved in air travel reservations. He was responsible for the delivery of "Sabre Air", Sabre's latest generation international shopping, pricing, and availability search platform, upgrading over 80,000 travel agency locations including 22,000 Abacus Travel agencies in Asia as well as, Travelocity,, Hotwire and Priceline.  Prior to joining Sabre, Mr. Jensen spent more than sixteen years in management at American Airlines, joining as a schedule planning manager and rising through the ranks to Managing Director.