Guiding Product Strategy and Application Development to Accelerate Growth



Leadership Roles

  • Chief Technology Officer –
  • Vice President of Engineering – Raptor Maps
  • Vice President of Product and Engineering – Emporos
  • Vice President of Product – Levvel


Assaf joined Fortium Partners with a passion for working at the intersection of technology, business, and society.  He is frequently called upon to jumpstart or scale the engineering and product capabilities of a company looking to innovate or disrupt their market.  His ability to simultaneously tackle both technological challenges and the organizational challenges that underlie them is a distinctive mark of his leadership. Comfortable in both start-ups and Fortune 100 cultures, he focuses resources on customer value, while building organizational capabilities and capitalizing on data. His industry experience is broad, and he has a personal interest in the climate tech sector, including renewable energy, sustainable transport, and energy distribution. Assaf seeks opportunities to accelerate profitable growth in these sectors and more through product strategy, application development, and integration of ML and AI.

As a CTO, Assaf held responsibility for developing a breakthrough product from concept to prototype to full delivery.  His focus on UX ensured success as the new network garnered positive customer feedback and quick acceptance.  He conceived the platform to successful integrated data mining and predictive modeling to connect individuals with purpose and action. As head of software engineering at several start-ups, Assaf managed development organizations using scalable empowered teams methodology to achieve true agility.  He built capabilities in Dev Ops, design, UI development as well as marketing and product management. His attention and disciplined approach to managing sales, customer concerns, and new opportunities resulted in significant growth in valuation and revenue.  Assaf enjoys coaching and mentoring next generation professionals including teaching coding to youth as a volunteer.

Assaf graduated magna cum laude from Bucknell University with a Bachelor of Arts in Computer Science and Economics.  He is passionate about using technology to solve climate issues and volunteers as a Climate Fellow.  Assaf enjoys skiing, fitness, swimming, and coaching.