C-Level Security and Privacy Executive and Strategist


Anna Sherony

Leadership Roles

  •  Chief Information Security Officer and Chief Privacy Officer - Sammons Financial Group
  •  Assistant Vice President, Director of Security - First Card

Anna Sherony is a Partner in Fortium Partners’ Midwest Region, where she primarily serves the financial services, insurance, health care, and pharmaceuticals sectors.  A cybersecurity and privacy expert, Anna has more than a decade of experience as a Chief Information Security Officer, IT strategist, business consultant, and systems implementer at large institutions. She is well versed in both theory and practice in the areas of information security management, web security, identity access, and threat awareness.  Anna is highly skilled in designing internal controls and risk management policies to provide a defensive solution with minimal-to-no impact on business operations.  She quickly moves to assess the operating and legal environment, identify threats and breaches, and recommend controls to better protect the business. Importantly, she is highly regarded for her levelheaded approach while managing intense security challenges.  

As a proven Chief Information Security Officer, Anna sets a clear plan on how to improve the organization’s security posture with the right tools and resources to protect the company assets. She has held enterprise-level responsibility for information assurance standards, evaluations, roles, and corporate awareness.  She has a strong commitment to the delivery of security training and privacy education across an organization.  

As a consultant, Anna has worked with large institutions, middle-market companies, and nonprofits as a fractional CISO, project manager, and strategic advisor.  She has been charged to select monitoring, detection, and response (MDR) vendors and then drive implementation. Anna has also created tabletop exercises for the pandemic, civil unrest, ransomware, systems unavailable environments, among many scenarios.  She has communicated with clients on incident readiness, ransomware attacks, audit issues, and other sensitive situations.

Fortium Roles:

  • Chief Information Security Officer (Virtual) – National Nonprofit, Education Sector
  • Chief Information Security Officer (Fractional) – Regional Credit Union
  • Chief Information Security Officer (Virtual) – Environmental Services Company
  • Chief Information Security Officer (Fractional) - Professional Employer Organization (HR, benefits, payroll)
  • Chief Information Security Officer (Fractional) – Religious Sector

Anna has completed professional development courses in cybersecurity, business continuity planning, information security management, leadership, web application security, and other relevant topics.  Anna has a strong commitment to community leadership and pro bono service.  She is co-founder of Wounded Heroes Foundation, a nonprofit which supports men and women injured in military service.