As businesses grow, their technology needs also increase. However, managing the IT function through a non-IT department can create problems, hindering growth and productivity. This was the situation for a leading global manufacturer of compression systems until they engaged an interim technology leader.

Initially, the company's IT functions were managed by the Engineering Department and outside vendors, resulting in various challenges such as: 

  • an outdated and inefficient ERP platform, 

  • unscalable IT solutions, 

  • a limited IT footprint, 

  • a lack of architectural vision and roadmap for IT platforms, and 

  • a lack of consideration for cybersecurity.

To address these challenges and manage the company's growth while supporting existing customers, the CEO hired an interim CIO. The CIO's approach included establishing a high-level IT architectural roadmap and technology migration plan to ensure the company's technology needs aligned with its business objectives. They also stabilized internal resources and balanced them with outsourced expertise to optimize technology resources and reduce costs.

Moreover, the CIO developed a future-proof ERP strategy that would enable the company to scale its operations without replacing its IT infrastructure. They supported the migration from existing sites to new facilities to ensure the company's technology supported its growth. Additionally, the CIO focused on cybersecurity to mitigate potential risks and ensure the company's technology was secure and protected.

 The interim CIO transformed technology insights into business impact by:

  • leading and executing technology initiatives

  • streamlining IT processes, 

  • creating a blueprint for transitional and situational leadership, and 

  • leveraging existing infrastructure to reduce costs.

As a CEO, it is crucial to consider the impact of technology on your business and its potential to accelerate growth. With the right IT strategy, you can overcome challenges, enhance productivity, and secure your company's future.

At Fortium, we understand the significance of a comprehensive IT strategy to support growth and mitigate risk. Our experience with this global manufacturer of compression systems is just one example of how we can help companies navigate complex IT challenges while maximizing their potential.

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