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Need a CIO? Break from Tradition

What if you could fill your CIO seat immediately, in a matter of hours? What if you could guarantee that your new CIO would be a true strategy partner with more than 25 years of experience and not just an IT operational generalist? What if you never had to pay for search fees, employee benefits or severance? What if you had immediate access to a technology executive with exactly the right experience to help guide your team toward a new strategic direction?

Enter Fortium Partners

Fortium's partners have served in C-suites of the most respected companies in the world and each of our executives brings more than 25 years of experience. With Fortium, your service level is exactly what you need. Unlike with consulting firm, you will never be subject to unnecessary fee expansion or lower-level resources. Best of all, our partner becomes your company's CIO, a dedicated member of your senior staff reporting directly to executive leadership, yet equipped with full firm support. 


The Cyclical Nature of Tech Leadership

At a time when more businesses are relying on technology to boost growth and serve customers, talented technology leaders are in short supply. The cost of the turnover cycle can be astronomical, taking 9-12 months for a new leader to be on board and fully up to speed. Statistics show that even after you've placed a new CIO, the process can start all over again in as little as 19 months in some industries. That's barely enough time to place a well-formed technology strategy, much less reap its benefits.

A Failsafe Plan for Your Business

Fortium is confident that your business will have a strategic advantage with our talent on board. No other firm offers what we have:

  • Partners with "big company" technology leadership experience of 25 years or more
  • Partners with brand name experience relevant to your industry
  • Fortium's proprietary CIO Agenda
  • An advisory team to support and review your CIO at no additional cost to you
  • Content library to facilitate world-class delivery

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