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Brian Greenberg is a partner in the Chicago practice of Fortium Partners. He brings more than 25 years of progressive business and technology leadership to the firm as a CIO and CTO who has successfully captured the value and tamed the complexity associated with integrating IT capabilities into rapidly evolving business strategies. Greenberg has led the kind of enterprise transformation initiatives and continuous improvements that have elevated efficiency, productivity, quality and customer satisfaction to record levels in multiple industries.

Leadership Roles:

  • CIO & Strategic Advisor, Akrete Communications
  • Enterprise Architect, Business Strategist, Evangelist, Dell Champions Ambassador, Dell Inc.
  • Vice President of Technology Operations, Total Attorneys
  • Founder and CEO, General System Dynamics
  • Board Director & CTO, EcoMyths Alliance NFP

Greenberg holds an M.A. in whole systems design/systems theory from Antioch University and a B.S. in philosophy and applied computer science from Illinois State University.