Fortium has deep and specialized expertise across a wide range of industries, with proven technology leaders who work collaboratively across solutions, businesses, countries and continents. By matching seasoned experts to specific challenges, we can quickly assess a problem, identify and prioritize valuable specific insights, and drive real change.

Our ability to rapidly integrate into your organization with everything from top industry advisors to interim management makes us the global executive services firm for clients who want to achieve more than a positive outcome.

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At the intersection of powerful software solutions and cloud computing, Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) is driving innovation, productivity, and profit to unimaginable levels.  A chorus of knowledge and expertise of software development, product management, DevOps, cloud computing, and SaaS metrics, processes, and tools is necessary to achieve success is this dynamic industry.  Yet the differences between good and world-class SaaS are subtle.

Experienced SaaS leadership is essential for navigating the sea of choices related to feature prioritization, pricing, software architecture, cloud infrastructure, software deployment, production monitoring, customer support, and many more areas of specialization.


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