Financial services firms and their customers expect a secure, convenient and intuitive end user experience that utilizes the latest digital technologies with seamless execution across a myriad of platforms and media. A big, forward-looking vision is required to enable solutions that can deliver that experience. The roadmap to that vision must ensure wise and timely investments to build or buy the right solutions. 

While Sarbanes-Oxley, Dodd-Frank, and other regulatory acts have added significant cost and complexity to the financial reporting burden, integration of emerging technologies often requires capabilities and staff availability beyond the scope of existing IT resources. Concurrently, the implementation of replacements for legacy systems is complicated. Cost overruns and missed deadlines can be devastating, not only financially, but also organizationally.

Many financial services firms have positioned digital and strategic planning as ever-greater components to gaining market share while revenues have, at the same time, not significantly increased. Add to that the implications of the shifting digital landscape that is transforming more rapidly than ever before and the case for strategic change is an imperative.

For today’s businesses, the right selection of next-generation technologies can be complicated and overwhelming in the dynamic high-technology marketplace.  At the same time, firms need to be evaluating how evolving digital platforms like blockchains and distributed ledgers will impact their businesses in the not so distant future.

Simultaneously, greater dependence on the Internet and other mission-critical technologies is creating new and substantial vulnerabilities in the areas of data security and integrity.

The convergence of these dynamics is stretching the bandwidth of financial services executives beyond what is practically possible. To succeed, executives need a partner that uniquely brings immediate integration into their operations with the objectivity and expertise that only comes from the “battle scars” of serving the financial services industry for many years.

Fortium Financial Services Industry Expertise

Only Fortium provides the depth and breadth of relevant practical experience coupled with financial sector domain knowledge to maximize the value of your present and future digital investments. Having served in the financial services sector for many years, Fortium’s professionals have discovered that just as you don’t go to war with untrained troops, you want to face your challenges with experts who have the relevant experience you need.

The Fortium Model.  The Fortium model is a comprehensive and, maybe even more importantly, sustainable program for firms seeking to acquire more customers, build relationships, retain clients, take advantage of opportunities as they emerge, and sustain a responsive framework for this rapidly evolving area to “manage down” the uncertainty level.

Our assessment of the strategic positioning of your organization provides your key stakeholders with greater confidence to make digital and constituent decisions that positively impact your mission going forward into the future.

Rapid, transformative results are possible. Fortium’s approach discovers where you are today, plans for where you want to go in the future, create real actions that produces results and optimizes your initiatives for continuous improvement.

Technology Strategy/Roadmap.  An IT Strategic Plan / Roadmap is invaluable in preparing for high-ROI prioritized technology investments that are time-phased over typically a three-year period.  We begin with an assessment of IT applications, data, infrastructure, organization and the partnership with the business. This helps guide technology and non-technology decisions to positively impact operations going forward.

Governance, Risk & Compliance Review.  There can be no compromise in keeping your and your clients’ data secure and protecting it from in-house and cyber security threats.  Fortium partners have had extensive experience in conducting comprehensive security risk and compliance assessments and in developing comprehensive disaster recovery / business resumption plans. Fortium’s Perpetual Security Program (PSP) equips your company with the right operational controls to ensure security today and tomorrow.

Digital Platforms like blockchains and distributed ledgers.  The application of this technology is in its early stages and regulatory and performance concerns will have to be addressed, but a number of pilot efforts have already taken place and it seems clear that the impact of blockchain and distributed ledgers will be massive. Firms not looking into how this technology may impact their business are at risk of falling behind and being at a competitive disadvantage.  We can help you understand these complex new platforms and determine if these emerging technologies would give your firm a competitive edge.

Data Strategy/Roadmap.  Big data isn’t very valuable until it becomes actionable.  Data science and advanced analytics are quickly earning their way into our arsenal of tools and we have the experience to guide you in selecting the most valuable tools for your organization to reap big results. To succeed, senior executives must commit to, and align on the need for, an enterprise data strategy.  We can guide you through a self-assessment of where you are on your enterprise data journey using industry proven maturity models.  Then with an understanding of your data ecosystem and challenges, together we devise a pragmatic path forward to get the most value out of your data by planning, creating or advancing your modern data architecture. 

Solution Selection & Outsourcing.  The selection of technology solutions is often the largest and most important financial investment a firm makes in digital systems.  Deciding which systems to buy rather than build; which to host locally or host in the cloud; when and where to make use of external IT resources – these are the decisions our extensive industry experience can help you with.  Fortium couples its best-practice process with the instinctive and effective decision-making strategies needed to position the organization to reap the maximum value in its technology investments.

Solution Delivery.  High-value delivery can accelerate the effective implementation of new solutions and save significant costs during implementation. While vendors often supply a “project manager”, organizations need their own project leadership to monitor the vital interests of the organization. Fortium delivers not only the project and system depth you need but also the operational breadth and leadership to help business executives achieve the desired results within the desired timelines. At Fortium Partners, we combine the trusted advisor role of management consulting with the contextual knowledge and real-world point of view of a seasoned operational leader. We are CIOs and CTOs averaging more than 25 years of experience. We have led some of the most challenging IT environments in the world. We understand how vital it is to manage risk and maximize benefit. We understand that your business’s success depends on informed, well-timed IT improvements. We also understand the costs of big mistakes. Fortium Partners offers you success in IT that only knowledge and experience can achieve.

Conversion Assistance is invaluable when implementing new financial systems. Routine work can continue with existing staff. Financial data is validated and conversions adjusted to make certain the converted data is a trustworthy foundation for the future.

Interim IT Leadership during transition within the IT organization can have dramatic impact; often while major systems initiatives are in process. Fortium provides highly experienced CIO IT leaders on a long-term, short-term or fractional basis, providing experienced digital leadership to smooth the road and accelerate technology delivery. Whether you’re taking on a mission-critical initiative or a wholesale IT turnaround, you have access to some of the world’s most accomplished technology leaders — when and where you need them.

Types Of Financial Services Firms Served

Fortium’s Partners have served a wide variety of financial services firms, both domestically and internationally, including:

  • Retail & Commercial Banks
  • Investment Banks
  • Brokerage Services
  • Financial Advisors
  • Hedge Funds
  • Private Equity
  • Payment Services
  • Foreign Exchange Services
  • Mortgage Lenders
  • Credit Unions
  • Custody Services