Citizens today expect an increasing level of services while demanding minimal tax consequences to offset the costs of delivering those services. State and local governments are experiencing a significant convergence of major challenges that are producing a “perfect storm” like never before.

While GASB 34 adds significant complexity to the financial reporting functions of governmental entities, integration of emerging technologies requires capabilities and staff availability beyond the scope of existing IT resources. Concurrently, the implementation of replacements for legacy systems is complicated and cost over-runs can be devastating, not only financially, but politically.

Why? Because so many citizens and government officials alike have positioned technology and strategic planning with ever greater importance as a component of the solution for the equation of increasing service levels without dramatically increasing taxes on citizens. Add to that the implications of the shifting technology landscape that is transforming more rapidly than ever before.

For today’s state and local governments, the right selection of next-generation technologies for financial, Geographic Information Systems (GIS), operational, eGovernment and telephony is complicated and overwhelming in the dynamic high-technology marketplace.  Simultaneously, a greater dependence on the Internet as well as mission-critical technology is creating new and substantial vulnerabilities in the areas of data security and integrity.

The convergence of these dynamics is stretching the bandwidth of government finance and technology executives beyond what is practically possible. To succeed, state and local governments need a partner that uniquely brings immediate integration into operations with the objectivity and expertise that only comes from the “battle scars” of serving in the public sector for many years.

Fortium Public Sector Services

Only Fortium provides the depth and breadth of relevant practical experience coupled with public sector solution knowledge to maximize the value of your present and future technology and financial operation investments. Having served in the public sector for many years, Fortium’s professionals have discovered that just as you don’t go to war with untrained troops, you want to face your challenges with professionals who have been-there-done-that.


Assessment of the strategic positioning of the public sector organization provides your key stakeholders with greater confidence to make technology and technology decisions that positively impact operations going forward into the future.

Developing the right Strategy provides you a blueprint for technology decision making and actionable plans based on the priorities set by the organization itself. By uniting Fortium’s Attribute Based Modeling which provides the only dynamic visioning tool that allows leadership immediately see the effects of various decisions on future governmental IT service delivery. With this tool agencies can also make anonymous comparisons with other previous organizations’ results. Fortium’s Attribute Based Modeling accelerates delivery and improves accuracy of the desired future state of your organization.

Technology Strategic Planning is a money saver for your organization due to availability of a blueprint for the future  assures that today's investments in technology align with planned future technology, leveraging current expenditures to minimize future financial requirements.

Technology System Selection  -- financial, operational, eGovernment, GIS, telephony, and other requirements which are often the largest and most important financial investment a governmental entity makes in technology -- requires professional leadership. Fortium couples the best-practice process with the instinctive and effective decision-making strategies needed to position the organization to reap the maximum value in its technology investments.

High-value Project Leadership can accelerate the effective implementation of new technology and save significant costs during implementation. While vendors often supply a “project manager”, organizations need their own Project Leadership to monitor the vital interests of the organization. Fortium delivers not only the project and system depth you need but also the operational breadth to allow public sector executives achieve the desired results within the identified timelines.

IT Interim Leadership for transition within the technology delivery group can have dramatic impact, often while IT systems are being implemented. Fortium provides short-term or part-time experienced technology leadership to smooth the road and accelerate desired technology delivery re-invention.

Conversion Assistance is invaluable when implementing new financial systems. Routine work can continue with existing staff. Financial data is validated and conversions adjusted to make certain the converted data is a trustworthy foundation for the future.

Types Of Public Entities Served

Fortium has served a wide variety of entities in most regions of the country:

  • State governments
  • Cities ranging in population from 10,000 through medium to the largest in the nation
  • Counties, including urban, suburban, rural and resort
  • School Districts
  • Housing authorities
  • Utility Districts
  • Tax appraisal units
  • Toll authorities
  • River and water authorities
  • Electrical cooperatives
  • Federal government of the United States