Tools for HR Leaders

You're no doubt really good at what you do, that's why they hired you!  But, as an HR leader, technology is probably not your first language.  We understand.  We don't really speak HR either.  So we've put together some solutions to help you when you're thrown into a situation where technology is part of the problem.


CxO Questions

CxO Questions is a simple way to get some help fast.  You ask a technology-related question and we get you an answer from the largest group of technology leaders working together anywhere in the world.  The depth of knowledge and breadth of experience will amaze you.  It's confidential, your name and company won't be shared.  And, if you want, we'll put you on the list to get a monthly summary of the questions others are asking.  There's no cost, we're here to help.  Just click below and ask. 



A simple question by email may not be enough.  Sometimes you just need to talk it through with someone.  We're ok with that too.  Just click below, let us know, and we'll match you up with the best person to give you a call.  There's no cost or ongoing obligation, we know you'd do the same if we needed help.



If you already know something is not right, a workshop is a good way for us to take a look and give you feedback on those areas of greatest concern.  Depending on your situation and a number of other factors, this can take 2 days, 2 weeks, or 2 months - we'll listen and help you decide.  We follow a proven process, gather appropriate information, and follow up with a written report.  There is a cost for this but we promise to keep it reasonable and give you a lot of value for your investment.

Technology Leadership As A Service

If a key leadership position isn't working out or has already become vacant, we know HR is likely already involved.  Before you call in executive search, let's talk.  We're the world-wide leaders in providing technology leadership as a service.  That means we engage quickly and fill a CIO or CTO role with the most experienced technology leaders around.  It's more of a solution than just a person.  Sure, people are involved of course, but we deploy a combination of industry and functional knowledge that is unmatched by any single individual.  It could be interim or fractional, short-term or long-term.  If you need help, we're ready to go.

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