Key Potential Technology Concerns for Finance Leaders

Technology plays a major role in driving company value these days, and you're more aware of that than ever. There are critical areas a CFO should be aware of that can help to avert a catastrophe down the road. Knowing the right questions to ask can be as important as the answers to those questions. CFOs must engage technology leaders in partnership and share a mutual understanding of business performance and risk management. Here are a few key things to investigate and understand about the state of your technology from a CFO's perspective:

  • Is technology, including vendors, creating a competitive advantage for us and our customers?
  • Are we protected against the latest security vulnerabilities? Are we prepared for a security breach?
  • Do we have the right mix of internal and external IT resources to help mitigate risk on major IT expenditures?
  • Are we spending too much, too little, or just the right amount on technology? How can we be sure?
  • Are our customers satisfied with the technology that our company offers?

If just knowing where to look isn't enough for you, below are some services we offer C-level executives to help you avoid the unknowns that can create serious situations.


CxO Questions

There is no charge for this service. CxO Questions is a simple way to get some help fast. You submit a technology-related question and you receive a response from one or more of Fortium's partners, all top technology leaders from the world's most respected companies. Your question will be assigned to our resources based on their industry and topical expertise. The depth of knowledge and breadth of experience will amaze you. It's confidential. Your name and company will never be shared. If you desire, we'll put you on the list to get a monthly summary of the questions others are asking. Again, there's no cost, we're here to help. Just click below and ask your question. 


Phone Discussion

You may have a question or area of concern that cannot be adequately addressed by submitting a single question electronically. You may be more comfortable talking issues through with someone. We're available to do that, too. Just click below, let us know, and we'll match you up with the right resource(s) to give you a call.

Again, the call is confidential and there is no cost or obligation. Our ability to help executives solve problems develops strong and lasting working relationships that have contributed to our becoming the nation's fastest growing technology leadership firm in the nation.


Rapid Action Workshop

If you find a problem or risk exists and action must be taken, Fortium's proprietary "Rapid-Action-Workshop" is designed to achieve 4-6 months of work in a few days. Fortium's hand-picked team of experts will facilitate this high-impact event to 1) educate your internal team in leading trends and envision what's possible to get them all on the same page, 2) help key players in your organization develop your own best solution design, and 3) emerge with a list of cross-functional actions and responsibilities to help you turn your situation around in record time.

You will find the cost of the workshop to be far lower than traditional consultant engagements.  


Technology Leadership as a Service

If a key leadership position isn't working out or has already become vacant, your business is already at risk. Before you call in executive search, let's talk. Clients call on us often because we're the worldwide leaders in providing technology leadership as a service. That means we engage quickly and fill a CIO or CTO role with the most experienced technology leaders around. It's more of a solution than just a person. People are involved, of course, but we deploy a combination of industry and functional knowledge that is unmatched by any single individual. It could be interim or fractional, short-term or long-term. If you're ready to engage, we can help.