So you just got hired, promoted, or assumed a new role in a new or existing company?  We understand because we actually do that for a living.  But this isn't about us.  This is about you.  Because we know what it's like to sit in a new seat, we want to help.  Specifically, we want to help with something we're really good at... Technology Leadership.  Just pick the section below that represents your role.


Chief Executive Officer

CEOs have a lot of responsibility and very little time to waste.  Technology can produce big wins but can also be very frustrating when it's impacting the business negatively.  If technology reports to you and it's not working, we can help.  Just click the image to the left for some low-pressure ways we can help.  If technology reports to someone else, we probably have their role listed below if you want to refer them to us.

Chief Financial Officer

We've probably worked closely with more CFOs than any other executive role.  We know technology is a generally a means to an end for you and not a shiny object to pour endless amounts of money into (pretty accurate huh?).  If you're responsible for technology in your organization, we know managing people who don't speak the same language can be tough.  We can help you bridge that gap, assess the good and the bad, mentor your leader, or fill a vacant role.  Just click the image to the right to see some options. 

Chief Operating Officer

The life of a COO can get pretty bad when technology if affecting operations.  You may not have responsibility for technology in your company but sometimes you just need a sanity check to see what's normal.  Click the image to the left for some ways to get help.

Chief Human Resources Officer

HR is often the first to know when there's a problem on the leadership team caused by lack of confidence in the technology organization.  Sometimes it's hard to figure where the problem lies.  We've put together some simple, low-pressure ways to help.  Just click on the image to the right to check them out.