Rapid Growth CIO and Advisor Mark Baumbach Joins Fortium Partners

Dallas, TX – September 8, 2016 – FORTIUM PARTNERS, the world’s fastest-growing provider of technology leadership services, today announced that Mark Baumbach, a results-driven technology advisor with deep experience guiding rapidly growing companies to success, has joined the Midwest practice of Fortium. Baumbach has helped dozens of businesses of all sizes achieve a lasting competitive edge by using discipline and technology know-how to capture lost margin.  

Prior to joining Fortium, Baumbach spent several years as a CIO advisor and consultant, serving in numerous roles as interim CIO, CTO or COO, and developing IT strategies and integrations for all types of companies, from middle market public and private companies to small non-profits to $14 billion private equity firms. During this time he served as VP of operations for Westwood Professional Services, where he spearheaded a business transformation and leadership development program that more than doubled revenue in two years. Westwood made the top 10 in Zweig White’s hot firm list in 2014 and 2015. Before his consulting roles, Baumbach was CIO of The Dolan Company, a publishing company with more than 20 publications and 50 websites, which increased revenue by 500 percent, acquired over 20 companies and went public on the NYSE during his eight-year tenure. Before Dolan, Baumbach led the rollout of the e-Business consulting methodology as partner and IT management consultant for BORN Information Services, an industry leading technology professional services firm. Earlier in his career, Baumbach served in executive and management roles with Deloitte Management Consulting, US Bank, Allison Williams Company, Honeywell and GB Partners Ltd.

“Mark’s wide variety of experiences as the seated CIO and technology advisor in multiple businesses both public and private give him special insight into how technology is impacting today’s businesses from a big picture perspective,” said Tim McCracken, Fortium Chairman and CEO. “Mark isn’t just talking about technology trends that boost business performance, he’s living the reality. He knows how to leverage every tool available to achieve results. That’s what we desire in our partners, and that’s why we get the type of quantifiable results that no one else can achieve. We’re glad to have him on board.”
“Technology organizations are undergoing a cultural change in virtually every type of business right now. We’re becoming agile, and leading other teams to do the same. We’re using analytics to deliver more insights to the business than ever before, and predicting the next best move,” said Baumbach. “It’s exciting because technology leaders have been talking about these emerging technologies for years but now we’re realizing them and reaping the benefits. Now is the right time to join an influential firm like Fortium because there is so much opportunity to translate technology into business advantages.”

Baumbach holds an MBA from Northern Arizona University and a bachelor of arts in geology from Winona State University.

About Fortium Partners

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