Cybersecurity Advisor to Joint Chiefs of Staff Tony Parrillo Joins Fortium

Tony Parrillo

Security Practice
East Region

Dallas, TX – September 28, 2016 – FORTIUM PARTNERS, the world’s fastest-growing provider of technology leadership services, today welcomed Tony Parrillo, decorated Navy veteran and cybersecurity authority in U.S. defense and counter-terrorism. His technology leadership success includes numerous high profile government and private sector roles with organizations like the General Services Administration, the Department of Agriculture, the Department of the Navy and the Department of Defense.

Prior to joining Fortium, Parrillo spent almost 10 years leading a consulting practice where he implemented and supported federal IT security compliance programs for the Department of Defense and several other federal agencies. Before consulting, Parrillo enjoyed a fruitful military career as a cybersecurity expert. He worked directly with the Department of Agriculture CIO for emerging technologies related to wireless, broadband and public safety, and was also handpicked to support the Secretary of the Navy for IT and cyberspace capabilities. Parrillo authored the first ever Department of the Navy Cyberspace policy, strategy and instructions. He also developed strategy to defend against bio-terrorism for the Department of Homeland Security, and was awarded the 2007 U.S. Navy Copernicus Award for sustained superior performance in Naval IT innovation and experimentation. His expertise has been crucial to developing cybersecurity and risk management programs within the General Services Administration, the Office of the Undersecretary of Defense and Intelligence, the Office of the Deputy Undersecretary of the Navy and FORCEnet Execution Center, as well as private sector corporations.

“There’s a cybersecurity epidemic occurring right now, and business leaders seem oblivious to the latest tactics from hackers who are demanding ransoms to make money hand over fist. Tony has seen the worst outcomes from vulnerable systems, and he uses his extensive background in defense and counter-terrorism to sniff out weaknesses for hospitals, airlines and other types of businesses at risk,” said Tim McCracken, Fortium Chairman and CEO. “Tony has been living and breathing cybersecurity and strategy since his days as a Navy commander, and he truly cares about protecting businesses from harm. It’s a real honor to add a veteran of his caliber to our growing roster.”
“Years ago hacking was a crime that nations committed against each other. Today, there are cyber gangs, criminals and even lone individuals causing catastrophic damage to all types of businesses in attempts to damage the economy and prey on those who are unprepared,” said Parrillo. “It’s possible for every business to have more secure networks and protect intellectual property while saving money and shielding customers from harm. I joined Fortium Partners so I could be on a team of highly experienced peers who know how to play off of each other’s strengths to fix complex problems for those who need it most.”

Parrillo holds an MBA from George Mason University and a bachelor of science in materials engineering from Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute. He is a heavily decorated Navy veteran and has received more than a dozen medals and personal awards for his superior military service.

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