Cybersecurity Authority Joel Rakow Joins Fortium Partners

Dallas, TX – August 3, 2016 – FORTIUM PARTNERS, the world’s fastest-growing provider of IT turnaround and leadership services, today announced that Dr. Joel Rakow, a globally recognized leader in cybersecurity who has been involved in the successful deployment of more than 300 enterprise security systems, has joined the Orange County practice of Fortium Partners. Rakow brings to Fortium a new and unique focus on bridging the gap between physical security operations and today’s cybersecurity tools and tactics. This gap is one of the last overlooked areas in enterprise risk management and requires expert attention to ensure success.

Rakow is a former advisor to the Secret Service and the Los Angeles Electronic Crimes Task Force, as well as a representative member of the FBI InfraGard, Adobe Software’s Advisory Council, and the Receivers Team for the State Courts of California. He has provided executive and technical leadership for hundreds of physical security systems, many combined with cybersecurity protocols, two-factor identification or transparent encrypted data. Rakow has served clients such as Alcoa Fastener Systems, Associate Hospitals of New England, BankBoston, Bristol Industries, Danone-Suntory Waters, Hewlett-Packard, IBM, ICANN, Kaiser Permanente, Los Angeles Dodgers, LA Clippers, Northrop Grumman, MolsonCoors, Planetwide Games, Playboy, Southern Bell, Southern Company, SSP-Litronic, University of Southern California, U.S. Department of Defense and World Shoe Association. He has also developed more than 40 commercially successful software programs and has won numerous industry awards including Microsoft Partner of the Year, PC World Best Product of the Year (three consecutive years) and Great Plains Implementation of the Year.

“When it comes to security, we have learned that if your business becomes a target, there is no perfect defense. You will be breached. Business leaders must learn how to plan and respond in order to achieve a sufficient level of difficulty to prevent breaches in the future,” said Tim McCracken, Fortium Chairman and CEO. “After considerable success developing and marketing enterprise software, Joel is dedicated to helping executives manage the risk of their enterprises, with the knowledge that cybersecurity is not just a technical problem with an IT-only solution, it’s one of today’s topmost strategic business initiatives. That’s why he is a powerful addition to Fortium’s Cybersecurity Practice.”
“Any business could be at risk as a cybersecurity target, and in nearly all cases the weakest link in the security chain is the gray area between cybersecurity and physical security. That’s not the type of problem that can be resolved by the IT team alone, nor should it be,” said Rakow. “Fortium Partners specializes in helping companies build a bridge between these silos, and no one else has proven they can do it. It’s difficult to find expertise in this area because not only does it require experience sitting in the C-level hot seat to truly understand the business impact of a security breach, it requires the unique combination of experience as the leader of both cybersecurity as well as physical security.”

Dr. Rakow is a former post-doctoral Fellow at Harvard University, the Harvard Business School and the Program for Education, where he studied after earning his Doctoral Degree from Boston University in technology and learning.

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