Acclaimed Ivy League and Higher Education CIO Joins Fortium Partners

Dallas, TX -- April 28, 2016 – FORTIUM PARTNERS, the world’s fastest-growing provider of technology turnaround and leadership services, today announced that Greg Jackson, a highly specialized technology leader and advisor of higher education institutions like Harvard, Stanford, MIT and the University of Chicago, has joined the Mid-Atlantic practice of Fortium Partners. Jackson uses his 30 years of experience in data analytics, public policy and higher education to support policy development and program management for clients seeking opportunities and collaboration in the higher education niche.

Jackson spent more than a dozen years combined as a faculty member for Stanford University and Harvard University teaching research methods and analytic strategies before he migrated to technology administration at MIT, where he managed the Athena computing environment. After MIT, he served for 13 years as CIO of the University of Chicago, where he was responsible for the university’s $75 million, 400-person central technology organization. He then ventured into the policy side as vice president of policy for EDUCAUSE, a non-profit association whose mission is to advance higher education through technology. Most recently, Jackson served as vice president for university outreach with NBCUniversal, where he developed new programs to improve relationships between higher education and the entertainment industry.

“The academic arena places unique demands on the higher-education CIO because their broad constituencies include faculty, staff, students, alumni, donors, prospective students, parents and even policymakers, often with far fewer resources than the corporate CIO,” said Tim McCracken, Fortium Chairman and CEO. “Greg draws on a wealth of experience leading campus information technology and advocating on national policy issues at some of our nation’s most renowned institutions. If it’s related to higher education, he’s the best advisor any client could ask for, and that’s why we’re enthusiastic that he’s joined the Fortium team.”
“Fortium Partners understands that whatever is true about technology in a corporate market is amplified and amended in an educational environment. The era of technology control is over because faculty, students and alumni all have different needs and options for meeting them, and they will find a way to meet those needs with or without their institution’s help. I’ve faced that, and I know how to show institutions how to tackle it,” said Jackson. “I find the Fortium model attractive because unlike consulting firms, we see no need to provide a busload of consultants to solve problems. We provide direct support at the leadership level to those who must impact an organization the most, which makes much more sense for CIOs at our level.”

Jackson holds a Bachelor of Science in Engineering and History from MIT and an Ed.D. in Statistics and Research Methods from Harvard.

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