Big Data and eDiscovery Innovator Joins Fortium Partners

Dallas, TX -- September 22, 2015 – FORTIUM PARTNERS, the world’s fastest-growing provider of IT turnaround and leadership services, announced today that Quin Gregor, a formidable innovator of “Big Data” and eDiscovery analytics, has joined the firm as the national leader for the Information Governance and eDiscovery practice. Gregor brings more than 34 years of practical experience in the areas of information management, data forensics and analysis, and has helped hundreds of companies with data management and litigation avoidance.

Gregor is a pioneer in the blooming field of Big Data, with decades of global know-how in electronic discovery and computer storage technology. He was the COO and CIO of OrcaTec, where he implemented the IT infrastructure to support massively parallel data processing and analytics. He was also the COO and CISO of Strategic Data Retention, where he focused on enterprise scale data management, including the design and implementation of information governance, information lifecycle management and eDiscovery frameworks for corporations.

“Quin has understood the magnitude of Big Data and how it can impact profitability and risk since long before it became a hot topic,” said Tim McCracken, Fortium Chairman and CEO. “He has worked with some of the biggest companies in North America on numerous headline legal matters and has been a trusted advisor for hundreds of businesses seeking to avoid litigation using strong information governance processes. He was also involved in many of the largest electronic discovery cases in recent years, and he is on the front lines of cost containment in litigation.”

As part of his role, Gregor will serve as the national leader of the newly formed Fortium Partners Information Governance and eDiscovery Practice, where he’ll provide confidential, strategic and practical guidance on data management issues, showing businesses how to implement early warning systems to identify the risk of litigation before damage occurs.  

“The most rampant problem in most large organizations is poorly implemented information governance standards and processes, which can become prohibitively expensive when litigation occurs,” said Gregor. “Guiding companies to learn how to look at data and use the knowledge to recognize and contain risk, improve processes and put safeguards in place is helping some businesses gain a competitive advantage. Fortium’s CIOs are on the forefront of eDiscovery, and I’m pleased to join this team as we work with counsel, compliance teams, business lines and IT to put in place lasting structures that translate to efficiency and savings for clients.”

Gregor is a frequent speaker at industry events, providing both an academic and business perspective on eDiscovery techniques. He holds a Master of Science in Management of Technology from the Georgia Institute of Technology.

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