Insurance Strategist and Transformation CIO Joins Fortium Partners

Dallas, TX -- October 14, 2015 – FORTIUM PARTNERS, the world’s fastest-growing provider of IT turnaround and leadership services, announced today that Greg Kocek, a cloud computing and security strategist with deep ties in the insurance industry, has joined the Dallas/Fort Worth practice of Fortium Partners. Kocek brings more than 35 years of proven innovation and organizational transformation management, helping risk-averse businesses balance new technology with vital legacy systems for optimal business performance.  

Kocek has brought budget stabilization to multi-million dollar firms, permitting the successful introduction of new technology at lower costs. For nearly a decade, Kocek was CIO for Texas Farm Bureau Insurance, the largest Texas-based provider of property and casualty insurance, where he steered the firm to adapt new technologies like a modernized policy administration and billing system, a social media methodology to assess customer feedback, the company’s first data warehouse and the first customer app on the iPhone. He also stabilized a $20 million IT budget and reduced the staff of 120 down by 25%. Most recently, Kocek served as CIO with Affirmative Insurance, where he reduced the technology budget by almost 50% through contract renegotiation and redundant hardware and software elimination.

“By nature, insurance companies rarely take chances, which can be a tough challenge for technology leaders who want to prove the value of leading edge solutions that could help boost their business,” saidTim McCracken, Fortium Chairman and CEO. “Greg has this exceptional ability to simultaneously halt IT stagnation, stabilize budgets, reduce costs and implement the latest secure technologies without disrupting the firm’s day-to-day operations. His techniques can be a priceless asset to any type of large, cautious organization, including government, healthcare and others.”
“So many companies are still running on old mainframes and relying on specialized IT staff that will soon retire, making it difficult to keep up with all the exciting changes that are happening with mobile applications and wireless technology,” said Kocek. “A transition has started, and the businesses that will thrive are making some sweeping changes in the way they handle data and controls. I’m pleased to join Fortium because my fellow partners and I get to offer this knowledge to any number of clients that are ready to make the next big strategic move.”

Earlier in his career, Kocek served in multiple leadership and C-level technology roles with BDO Seidman, Arthur Andersen Worldwide and Andersen Consulting. He holds a bachelor of science in computer science from the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign.

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