Fortium Partners is the world's largest and fastest-growing provider of technology leadership services. The firm's Partners form an elite group of the world’s foremost technology leaders collectively focused on managing our clients’ investment in technology to harness its disruptive power and achieve significantly better business outcomes. Technology Leadership-as-a-Service (TLaaS) is Fortium’s reinvention of the traditional technology leadership model. TLaaS combines the best of operational leadership (decision-making authority and responsibility for outcomes) with the best of consulting (immediacy and flexibility of engagement, depth and breadth of knowledge, and collaboration within the firm).

Fortium Partners have 25 or more years of technology experience, most recently in a CIO, CTO, or CISO role.

Our model

The chaos and intrusion caused by traditional consulting firms often makes things worse long before they get better. More importantly, the learning curve required by often inexperienced consultants is a costly risk to any client. If those firms do finally begin to bring value, it is always compromised by their use of a library of reusable work product and templates designed to standardize your solution. In other words, these standard templates help them make more money while using teams with far less experience. Unfortunately, the answer to your problem will always require educated decisions to be made, and they are not equipped to do so.

Fortium's revolutionary executive services model is superior to traditional consulting. While others leverage teams with a mix of experienced and inexperienced consultants and use live client situations to train them on real world situations, Fortium aligns one individual or a small team of experienced executives to the conditions of your specific engagement. Our partners, among the best technology leaders in the world, bring the credentials, deep-industry expertise and hands-on experience to confront risks and opportunities with the skills and commitment they demand. And while consulting firms consistently look for opportunities to expand their presence within your organization, Fortium is there to help you solve problems and move on to your next challenge.

Your situation may not demand a small army of consultants. Fortium aligns the delivery model with your need. For very focused situations, the best approach may be to help you through project leadership. In other conditions, it may be best to place the Fortium partner in the CIO, CTO, or CISO seat or other strategic leadership role on a short-term or long-term interim basis. When you're ready, the Fortium partner can be replaced by a permanent resource without the complexity and cost associated with termination of a permanent, long-term employee. Throughout the delivery process, you and the Fortium partner have the immediate support and expertise of our entire firm of technology experts to fulfill your needs and minimize your risk.